AKTIVA SUNO is a fashion activewear/athletic apparel brand for all types of women and girls, designed to inspire you look and make you feel good, beautiful and comfortable while doing your workout.
We are a small company made by women, with huge dreams and eager to grow, create, innovate and bring the best of the best to all our clients. We strive to maximize sustainability along with style, functionality and quality in all our products. And all products are designed and manufactured in the United States and Australia.
We design and produce each product with great attention to detail and that’s why many of our styles can be worn in several different ways. AKTIVA SUNO have sports bras, leggings, shorts, jackets, hoodies, sports tops, and more. We are offering an experience that bridges the gap between sexy stylish apparel while also catering to all body types. So no matter what you do or what your style is, AKTIVA SUNO is perfect for yoga, running, training, and everything in between.

We just want to complement your active lifestyle and make it even better!